Thank you for submitting your CAMPER REGISTRATION FORM.  Your registration will be processed as complete when we receive your $30 Camper Registration Fee in our office.  You will be provided an opportunity to pay the registration fee online or you may opt to send a $30 check or money order to Joy of Living Camp, PO Box 338, Brinkhaven, OH  43006.

The next step in the registration process is the completion of the Scholarship Request Form located below.  If you do not wish to request a scholarship, simply close this window.





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One week of camp at Joy of Living costs $330 plus a $30 ($25 if submitted in January) registration fee. The registration fee is non-refundable and is not eligible for scholarship. Joy of Living is prepared to pay any amount of the remaining balance that you feel you cannot pay.
How much of the remaining $330 do you feel you can contribute toward the cost of camp? (Remember, this is in addition to the registration fee mentioned above.) Any amount you send provides scholarship assistance for another child.*
Please describe any circumstances that might help us make a decision regarding your need for a scholarship. Please know, while your name will always be held in complete confidence, your story helps us to raise the money necessary to bring children to camp.

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