Nothing of eternal value happens if God isn't in it...




We BELIEVE that...

That's why every year we call together a team of committed ministry partners who will agree to pray for our summer staff and campers throughout the season. 

Will you join us in prayer? We'd love to know you're out there!  


Register for the Prayer Team

When you register, you'll immediately be redirected to a page containing the names of our summer staff and a list of prayer prompts. You'll be able to download the "Prayer Prompts" and print them for easy reference as we approach the start of camp, or just use it right online.

Then you'll receive an updated prayer list each Monday morning throughout summer camp. When camp begins, you'll be asked to pray for a specific camper, by name, while that child is in camp.

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When you sign-up for "Prayer Alerts" you'll receive a text message with a timely request needing "just-in-time" prayers! This has the potential to be a valuable method for us to keep our prayer partners in the loop.

The e-mail and text message options together are a powerful tool for helping you stay informed about what's happening at Camp. However, you can register for only one or the other if you prefer. You can also easily opt out of either or both options whenever you like.

Text @JOYprayer to 81010